Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Box O' Dates~*

A few days ago I started work on our date box for 2012 {I brought it up in my paper rose tutorial}.  Well as the project got underway, I went in a different direction!  The paper rose will be joining others in a vase {look for that tutorial to pop up sometime later on}-- Thing 3 suggested that I use one of the pics of the Europeanist & I to decorate the top, and I loved the idea.  So here are the decorations for creating your very own date box!
As a reminder, my hubby {the Europeanist} & I make sure we have "couple" time by creating surprise dates {2 a month}.  We each come up with 12 dates & write them on notes {shhh they are secrets!}.  Normally we pick it on the first and 15th of the month, but we've decided that this year we will pick both at the beginning of the month instead {to be sure we have time &/or cash available for whatever dream dates we pick}.  

In the past we just used a generic container {last year we were using a cute little pitcher I had picked up on sale at Pier One}, but this year I decided to create a date box.


  1. Some sort of box.  I had a papier-mache box from Michael's left over from Christmas, but any cardboard type box will do.
  2. Craft paint and brushes
  3. Paint Chips {more on that later}*
  4. A pic of you & your significant other
  5. I used a Martha Stewart punch that created a square with scalloped edges-- but you could simply cut out shapes free hand
  6. A variety of sparkly flowery things {also from Martha Stewart}
  7. Glue gun or double stick tape
  8. Scissors

* A Brief Word on Paint Chips

* Start collecting 'em.  They have tons of uses & they make it really easy to do gradients, color coordinates or color opposites.  I'll have many more crafts that use them coming up {they are good for everything from notepads to chandeliers}.  And its sort of fun-- we make it a game {who can get the brightest color, or who can get the most shades of purple-- we never take more than 3 of any color during a stop though}.  
Now back to the project~*

Give the box a good coat of your favorite paint.  For a twist, I painted the inside of the lower portion of the box a different color than the outside.  I do not, however, recommend painting the underside of the lid-- it makes it harder to fit it on the box!

While the paint is setting up, go through your paint chips {what?  you don't have your collection?  well what is stopping you-- go get 'em!!} & pick out coordinating colors to decorate the lid of the box {in my case, I painted the lid purple, then picked a spring green and a teal paint chip}.  If you haven't already, you can also print out your picture and cut it out while things are drying.  I printed our pic out in two sizes, but ended up going with the 4x4 for this project.  What size you use will depend on the shape of your box!  

Once the box was dry, I used the craft punch to cut out the paint chips and placed them around the lid of the box like a frame.  They fit perfectly!

I always like to make a "dry run," so I set up the lid to make sure everything fit properly before I glued.  I put our picture in the middle, then framed them in with the paint chips.  Once I was certain they fit, I glued them down with the glue gun {double stick tape would also work}.

Once everything was glued, I went to town with the sparklies!

Now for the bottom half.  I did not want to decorate it, as I  intend to set the box up on its side {as its pictured above} to use it as a picture frame as well as holder of dates!  But I did want to line the floor of the box, just to make it a little special :)

Use a piece of craft paper in a pattern you like, and trace the box on the back side of the paper.

please excuse the coffee cup~*

When you go to cut out the paper, cut inside the line {as opposed to outside or on}.  The idea is to cut it slightly smaller than the outline.  Once it is cut out, simply set it on the floor of the box!  It should fit in nice and snugly without glue, but you could add some if you'd like.

All that is left is to fill it with all your surprise dates for 2012!  

I know it is a bit early, but I was really excited to have the date box we went ahead & picked our February dates {giggle}

The hubby picked first....

Dress up dinner in the city!  Woot!  Now my turn...

Hee Hee!!  I'm so excited!  February is gonna be awesome!

Here's hoping there is a date box and surprise dates in your future!


  1. Sounds awesome. I considering doing this myself! I'm planning two dates for next week... which will be a surprise for hubs. We are going to go ice skating Saturday night & hit up a local art museum for Sunday morning!!


    1. That is too cool! Ice skating is so romantic~*

  2. Fabulous DIY! I'm hoping to make one of these cute boxes for a keepsake boxes for my kiddos :)

    1. Great idea-- I am assuming we will see pics on your blog?!?


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