Sunday, January 15, 2012

On knitting~*

I am teaching myself how to knit-- it's one of my 12 New Year's resolutions {12 for 12...get it?}.  Actually, the exact resolution is to knit a Tom Baker scarf...he's my Doctor {Who}  

I'm just starting.  I've gotten the whole cast on thingy, and have successfully knitted the first basic stitches in a lovely rectangular formation...

Hey, it's a beginning...
Next step will be purling {knit 1, purl 2...I'll finally find out what the heck that means}
In between Zombie Lamb adventures at the bookstore the other night, I glanced through a basic knitting pattern book and it made me a little nervous.  It looked an awful lot like math...and by that I mean something I am incapable of actually understanding with any competency. 
But not to worry,  I'll watch some youtube instructional vids.  This series is the one that got me thus far...I think I'll stick with 'em {for what its worth I highly recommend...}

I found a pattern for the Dr. Who scarf online-- its a simple garter stitch {at least, the blog writer said that garter stitch was simple, so being the optimist I'm going with it}.  Figuring out how to switch yarn colors should be entertaining...
I'll track my progress-- first with my mouse pad? Poosh blankie?...
...then on my scarf.  Suggestions and recommendations would be most welcome~*

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