Wednesday, January 18, 2012

plaid, white & blue

A quick trip with the Europeanist to a local antique warehouse after work {picked up a bureau for *Thing 3*; a great bargain-- look for pictures in the days to come}  and some quick pics of my plaidiness.  Cold today, but no snow...the snow has a wonderful romance to it...we miss it this year.  Ah, but there is still time, winter has a few tricks up her sleeve, at least I'm hoping so~*
Oh, and the purse & skirt do match, but they were bought at different times, from different stores, manufactured by two different designers, at least 20 years apart-- how awesome is that!

Cap/Forever21; Scarf/Gap; Skirt/Thrifted, Speigel;Tights/Target; Purse/Thrifted Ralph Lauren
Sweater/Old Navy; Rain Boots/Thrifted, unknown

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