Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thrifting with Thing 1 and staying out of the rain

Another rainy day {whither is my snow??} & a good day to go thrifting...the Europeanist and Thing 2 stayed home playing Skyrim, and Thing 3 was visiting pals, so that left Thing 1 and I to shop 'til we dropped.  She bought me a lovely lunch {offering to THE MOM} then we hit downtown.  Our wee town is lovely, but fallen on hardtimes...more shops closed then open.  Hopefully with the increase in the campus population {we are now the 3rd largest university in Tennessee} it will help bring it back to life.  We did our part to bolster the local economy at any rate {we both picked up some lovelies to add to our wardrobes}.  All in all a wonderful way to while away a drizzly to work on those tutorials I promised!

Thing 1 ready to shop

Our little town is growing up....
...and becoming a hipster

Like mother, like daughter

Ironically this was painted on windows of an empty store wedged between two bars...
Where Oh Where Has Thing 1 gone?

It wants to go home NOW...

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