Monday, February 6, 2012

Music Monday

Great gray Monday to least, its gray & rainy up here.

No complaints about the day thus far...everything has gone swimmingly~*  Thing 3 had bridge ideas for today's snaps, so we went down the road after I got home...

I think it was a good idea~*

A bus went by while she was shooting-- she got so excited {the bus was yellow, my tights were yellow, she went into fits of artistic bliss}  & then there was a quest for more yellow {maybe the lack of sunshine made us seek a substitute}

And just when things were going well, it started to rain & we were tired & getting we decided to call today's photos a fait accompli

Dress/Forever 21; tights/Target; Loafers/Mia: Nolen

So now I am home, in my fleece & slippers, getting ready for Warcraft, which has become my Monday tradition {unwind by shooting things}

But I haven't forgotten the music in Music Monday & with Valentine's Day so near, this song has been taking a tour through my brain.  So enjoy the Weepies video for Be My Honeypie & enjoy the pretty couples & dream about being in love~*

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