Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ten Treasure Tuesday~*

Not much time for pics today, but this short shoot involved my baby...no, no, not Things 1, 2 or 3

Meet Poosh {as in Lost Moon of...as in Dr. Who}.  He stays inside while we are at school & greets me rather impatiently when we get home.  First thing-- walk Poosh.  Second thing-- take photos...

Almost impossible to see, but for what it is worth:  Dress/Re-tailored NY& Co sheath-- now sewn as a square neck; Floral cardigan & Red coat/Forever21; Necklace/Kohls; Tights/Target; Shoes/Bamboo

There is a full meet -n- greet with the Poosh coming up, but tonight we have festivities to get to-- Thing 1's birthday {though not her official party, that is tomorrow night...she always manages to make her birthdays multiple day affairs~*}
Now for some Tuesday treasures...sigh...payday is coming & that crochet purse & vintage needlepoint shall be mine...& maybe those register price tags too :)

Vintage Knobs Rack Yellow Chair ; Crochet clutch ; Vintage Yellow Fondue Set Green "Train" Case

And now to wrap present & prepare to pre-party!  More pics of the event to follow~*

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