Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ten Treasure Tuesday~*

Thing 3 & I went thrifting after school today.  My wonderful, beautiful & charming sister-in-law is getting married this weekend~*  We needed to pick out some dresses for the festivities {& don't worry, Thing 3 will have camera in tow & pictures will be posted}.  

Then next week is Spring Break {YIPEE} & sleep & crafts & class prep {YAY} & general relaxation.  Then the push to the end of the semester...

Dress/Thrifted American Eagle; Shirt & Tights/Target

I'm not going to teach any summer classes this year-- a full summer off, first time in years.  I need the chance to regroup, get organized & get some writing done...& then there are the kitchen cupboards and linen closet that desperately need cleaning...& Thing 2's room needs serious help {sigh...teenage boys}...lots to be done & I'm the gal to do it~*

The day was waaayyy to warm for {nearly} March in the mountains-- 70 degrees...sigh...but we got to put the top down on the convertible on the way home~*

It is an Audi TT...it was my parents' & they sold it to me.  I have the greatest parents ever :)

And now its on to Ten Treasure Tuesday...thoughts of the wedding & the ride in the convertible brought Spring to mind {YAY} & after accumulating my treasures I realized there was a bit of a theme...

Peacock Tree / Rainbow Granny Square Afghan / Lace Collar / Felt Bluebird / Ceramic Rabbit Bottle Stopper

Hope everyone's day was a glory!  See you tomorrow for a wishful Wednesday~* 


  1. I'm not at all jealous of the fact that you're about to have a holiday, have my dream car and that it's barely touching 12 degrees here. Hope, no jealousy here whatsoever... am I convincing you yet? Enjoy!Rx


    1. Lol, well if it helps any, I still have a nasty cold!

  2. Ooh, I love everything about this outfit! Those shoes are especially great. And love the Audi ;)

  3. You look gorgeous! I hope you are enjoying you spring break and I hope you enjoy your summer off as well! So happy that I found your beautiful blog!

  4. i second chloe jacqueline^^. you look amazing! sounds so fun to have a summer off! i'm uber jealous! and i love all of your spring pictures! i can't wait for warmer weather around here!



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