Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thunderstorms & Internet~*

We had thunderstorms yesterday afternoon & evening which made the power flicker off & on-- which meant computers were unplugged to prevent surges & losses & everything else my computer nerdy husband says we have to do...sigh...

Not from yesterday's storm, but it is lightning over the Blue Ridge Mountains, which is where we live...Mountain thunderstorms are no laughing matter-- although having lived in Tempe AZ, I have to say Arizona thunderstorms & monsoons take the prize for utter terror & ear-shattering booms~*

Today thus far is gray but dry & warm.  The hubs & I are off on an adventure to find things for Poppy's birthday celebration {or rather, his non-birthday birthday celebration, since he didn't want a party or presents for his birthday}.  There will be pics later tonight/tomorrow morning.  And I also have very intention of doing a belated Fashion Friday post~*

Till then!


  1. I love a good thunder storm, being in awe of the power of nature makes me feel really tiny and insignificant and I think it's important to realise every now and then that we're only a tiny part of something much bigger. It makes me think that if I mess something up, it's really not that big a deal in the grander scheme of the universe.Rx

    1. I agree! I only wish they didn't generally lead to a power outage lol

  2. Is it weird that I love thunderstorms? When I was a kid, it's always a reason to not go to school;)



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