Monday, April 9, 2012

Music Monday~*

Today the pictures were not working...not Thing 3's problem of course, but I've got summer-itis big time & it shows...I have a hard time keeping still~*

Owl t-shirt / Sealmaiden ; Ruched navy tank & brown maxi skirt / Victoria's Secret ; Purse/ Target 

Its too bad too, because I really like my outfit...I got the owl t-shirt from Sealmaiden on Etsy and I adore it.  First off the graphic is awesome, secondly the color combo is to die for & thirdly {& most important) it is soooooooo soft!  Oh, and it was very affordable {this is not some sort of paid endorsement & I am not affiliated with her, though I wish I was because the shirt is awesome & I would love more of her designs...did I mention it is really soft?}.  Go there.  Buy one.  Trust me~*

I wore it with a ruched tank top & another maxi skirt from Victoria's Secret {via MJRsales which is another awesome site...I got a lot of VS Most-Loved Mixers there at great prices-- its a great line, most comfy & worth picking up at mjr or when they go on sale at VS...go there after you hit up Sealmaiden~*}.  All together it was a soft, comfortable,  there-are-only-3-weeks-left-in-the-semester type outfit.

Only 3 weeks left!  Well, technically 3 weeks to teach & 1 week for finals....but I don't give final exams, just final papers, and they are fun to grade so its all good~*

All the classes are on track except HIST 2020, American History since 1877.  I'm perennially behind in that class..sigh.  There is just so much to cover!  Which brings me to today's music.  This song pretty much covers what I have left...which will give you an idea how my next 3 weeks will be~*

I have loved Billy Joel ever since I was a kid.  I stole the album The Stranger from my parents, Cold Spring Harbor was the first tape I got to play on my Walkman knock-off, I took the bus into the city so I could pick up The Bridge the day it was released & my Senior Prom theme was "This is the Time."  I've seen him in concert twice.  I had a skinny red satin piano key necktie & red converse.  I can sing all his songs including this one.  You might say I am a fan.  I know its not cool or indie of me, but I think he's awesome~*

So now I'm gonna chill & get ready for Tuesday...this week is already going faster than last one & it's gonna be summertime before I know it {woot!}


  1. Haha you gotta love Billy :) When I was in HS I took an AP US History class, and we had to pick out 10 things in "We Didn't Start the Fire" and explain the historical context.

    Love that t-shirt :)

  2. Cute! I love owls. And who doesn't like Billy? He's a classic!

    1. Me too, which is actually kind of funny since I'm not fond of birds in real life

  3. I think I might just have to buy the owl T.


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