Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pics from Yesterdays Adventure

I am still planning on getting my treasures up today, though there has been yet another obstacle.  It is the end of the semester after all-- the time when everything that can go wrong, will~*

Tights (yeah, I'm wearing mocha colored tights~*) / Target ; Shoes /
In today's episode of As The Semester Ends, the viewer finds the history professor without her lecture for tomorrow's morning class on the history of computers {cue Law & Order theme 'doink doink'}.

This is a bit of a problem & requires my immediate attention.  Thank God we took pictures yesterday as I got home & immediately put on my thinking clothes aka sweats {does anyone else think better in sweats? I teach better in dresses...though to be fair I've never actually taught in sweats so maybe I'm even more brilliant then~*}.

Floral Dress / Thrifted Abercrombie & Fitch ; Beige Tank Dress / NY& Co ; Sweather/ Thrifted Gap

I am currently shirking my responsibilities for a bit to load this post.  And that is why I adore my blog {and all of yours too}-- they are wonderful diversions~*

As is my wonderful husband who helped me put together my presentation for tomorrow. Can I take a minute to brag on my hubs?  Because in all sincerity, he is the best human being ever imagined & I am very lucky.  & I'm not even saying that because I want something~*

Okay, time to get back to it-- hopefully, if all goes well, I'll wrap up this presentation in just a few, then will be back here with my treasure list for the week~*


  1. CUTE photos!!! Love the dress and those shoes are awesome!

    1. Kendra & Wendy-- they are the best shoes ever! Very comfy-- is the best place for shoes {lots of other "indie" dress shops get their shoes from Gojane then list them at a mark up-- much better go to the source-- I picked those shoes up for under $20!}


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