Sunday, April 15, 2012

Short & Sweet Sunday

Keeping it short & sweet today-- I have a lot of chores to get done in order to feel good about myself lol~*

Lots of waiting involved in track & field...
This post is a brief celebration of Thing 2 aka Speedy aka Duck {which is what he used to call himself when he was a in "Duckwannacooky"}. It is always so fun to watch him run...

And he really loves it too-- especially the idea that his sport is other sport's punishments~*

He is definitely planning on running in college where he want to get a degree in Physical Eduation, & aspires to trying out for the Olympics.  In the meantime he is proud to be running for his high school & to be an asset to his team--

As a treat, he is going to do an occasional post for the blog-- he is quite the nutritionist {at least for teenage boy athletes lol} & is genuinely a good look for a post on his pizza making techniques in the not to distant future!

He even makes his own crust~*

Hope everyone is having a fantabulous weekend!


  1. Well done him! I love the photo with him and his friend, they look like real role models. I'm always up for tasty treats so I'll look forward to his posts.Rx

  2. Oh my heck.... YUM! Can't wait to read his post on making pizza!

    1. I'm afraid my photography doesn't do it justice, it really is delicious!

  3. I agree with Ruthie! A boy who cooks...awesome...I have to keep working with my son!


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