Monday, June 4, 2012

Dumpster Day~*

My sister's eldest has graduated high school successfully:

And a good time was had by all who attended his family party--

Thing 3, the photographer for the event, left her camera at my sister's house, so the pics are limited to the few I took.  Hopefully there will be more to post in a few days when we get the camera back!

In the meantime, today is going to be a busy one.  Our dumpster is coming!  We are tearing up the carpet in Thing 2's room, and had previously torn up the carpet in Thing 3's room {which has been sitting in our basement} so we decided to order a dumpster from the city {it is surprisingly inexpensive, not much more than what it would cost to rent a truck, & the dump fees are included, so its less hassle}. Tons of grunt work planned--  Since we will have a whole dumpster, we are going to do a general purge of all the broken stuff & random useless junk that has been piling up in the basement & garage {generally, if something broke & is bigger than our regular garbage pick up can deal with, it goes downstairs to wait for something magical to happen that will either repair the object or spirit it away...not much luck with either thus far}.  And since we are doing a garbage purge, we are also going through our other stuff {clothes & whatnot} to see what can be donated.
Looking forward to a messy house this week {not}, but at least it will be less stuffed by the time we are done {teenagers accumulate a lot, fair warning to all you bloggers with wee babes}.  One of my summer goals is to get Cecilia operating like an at least somewhat lubricated machine {well oiled is, perhaps, too much to ask} before the fall semester gets underway!
And for those of you wondering why my house is named Cecilia...when we first got her, she was trashed.  I mean trashed.  She had been severely abused by tenants-- think one step above crack house.  I was in grad school at the time, so I'd go to classes all afternoon, work on the house all night & grab a few hours sleep in the morning.  The hubs was working full time & tending to the kinder & we couldn't afford to hire workers to help out.  I desperately wanted to get it cleaned up & painted before the Things saw it for fear they would freak out & refuse to move in.  We had electricity, but none of the ceiling lights worked, so I had work lights that I moved from room to room & an old cd player/boom box for company.  One very early morning, after having painted most the night, I was a bit punchy {& a little wonky}, when the mix cd I was playing started in on Simon & Garfunkel's song Cecilia.   Not only did it give me an energy boost, I could sing it.  Loudly.  I hit repeat.  By the next day, I had a changed some of the lyrics to fit the house {and believe me, she was breaking my heart at that point} & the name stuck.
So for today's work load, I thought a little Cecilia would be just the ticket.  Here is the Local Natives rendition:

What have y'all got planned this week?


  1. Good luck with all of the work. It will be so satisfying to get it done! Love your Cecilia story, and what a great rendition of the song too!

  2. Ooh a dumpster! I love getting rid of things in massive clean sweeps. It's so satisfying once it's all done. I bet it will be a lot if work- but well worth it.


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