Sunday, August 5, 2012

Monday's Motivations & A New Artist

Rather than do up quotations today, I thought I'd kick off my last full week of summer {I have to report back to the campus starting August 15} by introducing y'all to a few artists who use quotations in their work.

Incidentally, these quotations sum up rather nicely the lessons I've learned thus far in life.  If I could offer any advice to those younger than me, it would be to remember these 5 things...I hand you the keys to happiness {at least for people like me~*}

So many bloggers I've read are talking about taking rambling road trips or extended sabbaticals or otherwise doing something dramatic in an attempt to find out "who they are."  Here is what I've learned:  if you have to take a trip to find out who you are, you aren't searching, you are running away.  Who you are is in you, all you have to do is look inside...

If you feel the need to explain how you are a rule breaker or an outsider or otherwise odder than everyone else, you are missing the point.  The first person who got a mohawk, or pierced his/her nose, or dyed their hair pink, or got a tattoo was an original-- literally everyone else is following along.  Just live your life the best way you can, don't worry about whether or not you fit in-- the great mystery of life, I've learned, is that no one fits in {and the sooner we realize it, the sooner we can get on with making the world a better place}

We need to stop judging each other {see the above point-- if we none of us fit in, who are we to decide who should be ostracized?}.  If people do things you do not understand, assuming they are not hurting you or anyone else in doing it, don't automatically right them off as insane {or worse yet, as evil}.   I simply can not understand why so many in the world think they have the right to dictate how others are supposed to live.  
You just don't hear their music-- so let them dance & listen a little harder. 

There isn't any reason to panic.  Life is a journey-- & you can't predict what is going to happen next.  Just enjoy the ride & stop putting so much pressure on yourself to make "heavy" decisions.  

Very few people talk or learn from the days when everything goes right.  Our mistakes is what helps us grow, learn & eventually triumph.  Go ahead & make bad decisions & learn from them.

All images are copied from {if you pin any images, be sure to include their web address}.  I could spend days & days scrolling through this site-- it is, essentially, an online art collection.  If you like art,  take a minute to check them out & follow them, you won't regret it...& here are a few more images from chicquero to prove it~*


  1. Great quotes and images (as always)!

  2. I totally agree that who you are can only be found inside of you. The interesting people quote is so true too. I have had friends who are such special people, so artistic and clever, but aren't sure what to do in the world. The world can be a little rough for artists. Good things to think about!

  3. All very true points. I've been reading some of your other recent posts and I agree with you on almost everything except maybe Saturday morning TV from the 70's, and probably only because I'm 5 years older than you. Do you remember Lancelot Link, the secret agent monkey? You might be too young for that one.


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