Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wandering Wednesday~*

Here are some goodies I've stumbled across this week that were just too good to keep to myself! Some are fun, & some are inspiring-- something for everyone!

Learn--- the video will get you going...

free online courses

...and this link will give you a place to start!


  1. I'm totally giggling over that gif - it's so amusing! And I had my first pumpkin coffee yesterday - hello, fall!

  2. Female quarterback- too cool. She looks tough too!

  3. Awesome stuff. Love the football chick. I'm not athletic myself, but way to go her! The Learn video is amazing too. I want to do all those things. :)

  4. Ha! And I posted about pumpkin spice lattes today! I'm ready for fall, too.

  5. lol in love that guy's face after the awkward moment!


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