Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wandering the Web: Gifts for Him~*

We are in the long twilight of the semester, when time goes both slowly & quickly. Does that ever happen to anyone else?  When the days seem to go by at a relatively good clip, only to come evening and realize that its only Tuesday?  

It feels like it should be Thursday today, not Wednesday.  I woke with a definite Thursdayish sensibility.

Classes aren't difficult to teach right now {though I am having to talk rather fast to be sure I cover everything that needs covering}, there isn't really anything to do for office hours & there are no proverbial fires to put out.  No panics, no time constraints, just a general quick slowness.
My husband feels it too, & so do the Things-- all the residents of Cecilia are a bit out of whack.  Wait.  The pets are good.  So there's that.
I think its all just the downside to knowing the semester is about to end-- everything is on hold right now while we wait.  And on the other side of this twilight are the piles of things that want doing for the holidays.  Technically I could be doing them now, of course, but why?  The endless idleness of break is coming-- I can almost touch it.  If only it would get here.  Sigh.

And so I surf...

For today's web wanderings, I went a-browsing for the men in my life.  So many cool Etsy artists to choose from {and get inspired by}~*

Etsy Gift Card

Satchel / Lebowski Quote Pencils / Wooden Journals
Mustache Shot-glasses / Wooden Muddler / Beer Glasses

Doctor Who Bayeux Tapestry T / Gameboy Soaps / Clark Kent to Superman Print

Don't forget to enter & win an owl or fox pillow & TONS of other great prizes!    

Delightful Deets  Mega Super 5 Package Giveaway  /   Living in Yellow: 34 Prizes Giveaway

So, how is your holiday shopping going? Making your list & checking it twice?


  1. Thanks for the ideas! I am always at a loss for ideas for the guys I buy for.

  2. My shopping is not going anywhere at all... :( I hate shopping actually. You have some great ideas here though. Good inspiration! I feel like you, that it's got to be later in the week. Not sure what's going on.

  3. I have the hardest time buying for men! Particularly my boyfriend and Dad, well on second thought just throw my brothers in there too.
    That gameboy soap is genius though!! I just had to click it.. may even become a stocking stuffer.
    Great finds dear :)
    XOX Angela

  4. I shopped for myself yesterday, does that count?? I'm waaaay behind.

  5. Because brainy is beautiful. How cool!!

  6. I need help with the hubby. Thankfully he is buying his own present, I just need stocking stuffers for him :)
    Thanks for following on the Network Blog Hop! Following via GFC! Have a great day!

  7. This is great, I always need extra ideas for the fellas. I haven't even started to think about shopping yet!

  8. Oh some great ideas there. I just hopped on over from Miki's blog hop thing to say hi! I have pretty much finished my shopping so am rather pleased with myself to be honest!
    Daisy Dayz

  9. It is really hard to find a gifts for him. Those stuffs were so nice and for me all of them are just perfect. Thanks.


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