Friday, February 22, 2013

Fashion Friday Photographer Save

I was not a very good fashion model for Thing 3 this week.

On Tuesday she wanted to take pictures outside.  But it was really cold so I wouldn't take off my coat or scarf.  And I only lasted through a few shots, most of which I was shivering in.  She was trying to figure out her blur filter when I quit.

When we came inside at my insistence, I did variations of this:

...for a few minutes, then I lost interest entirely.

There are also several pictures of me texting, but I'll spare you those~*

Its too bad too, as the dress I am wearing in the pics {another beauty from eShakti} is truly adorable.  1950's styling with a touch of forest wildlife.

I promised we'd try again later in the week.  The goal is to do it twice a week as she is hoping to do senior portraits for friends and whatnot someday, and wants the people practice. Plus its fun.  But then I was laid low by the near-plague.  I am now confident it is not full plague, by the way.  No boils, you see.  A proper plague has boils, and I've just got a stuffy nose.  Just near-plague.  But that is plague enough.

When Thursday rolled around, I was not in a particularly photographic mood.  I was also not in a particularly photographic outfit.  I usually wear skirts or dresses to work because I tend to like more eccentric-type fashions, & skirts & dresses make that okay.  But dresses require a certain amount of thought that my Thursday plague-head did not allow for.  So I grabbed some brown floral pants, a white tank, a denim shirt & my favorite sweater and called it a day.

Thing 3 beat me home on the school bus, & was waiting for me when I pulled in the drive.

It didn't go so well at first...

But then she made me laugh & got "the shot."  

You can't even tell I have near-plague.  All the color softening and vignette-type blurring are her with her camera, not photo editing-- I think she is going to be a phenomenal photographer~*

Have a photogenic Friday!

Be sure to check back later tonight-- Chelsea at  Olive & Ivy is having a spectacular giveaway that I want to share with you!


  1. I really love that dress! Great pictures.

  2. Glad you are pulling out of the near plague! I love that deer print skirt, both great outfits.

  3. Great pictures! You're right she's an excellent photographer, how lucky you are!

    Hope you're feeling better? I always find developing a Dickensian style cough helps extract a little additional sympathy should you need some...

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  4. Love the eShakti dress! I am the same way with photos, I get distracted far too often!
    xx Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

  5. Adorable! I love that dress, so cute.


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