Friday, February 1, 2013

Fashion Friday

The kids are out of school again today on account of snow, & the professors in the house are on a 90 minute delay as of this writing-- which means early morning classes won't start until 9:30.  My Friday class starts at 11, so I should be good to go, unless of course it continues to snow.  Then we'll see.

The early half of this week was unseasonably warm.  It managed to get all the way to 70 degrees on Tuesday, and fell a tad to 67 on, you can always tell when someone lives where there are seasonal extremes.  The weather is a topic of endless fascination.

As part of my new year blog resolutions, Thing 3 & I vowed to start up taking outfit photos.  We had a lot of fun finding places to take the pictures last spring, & Thing 3 got a new camera for Christmas, so it seemed like something worth reviving.  But I'm not going to go stand around awkwardly in the freezing cold, however nicely she asks me too.  I need a nice warm day to stand around awkwardly, doubly so if she expects me to stand on train tracks.  I run faster when its warm.
So off we went on Tuesday after work & school {or school & school to be technically correct}, & I stood awkwardly with gusto.  Its amazing how a normally confident woman can  suddenly fall apart when a camera is pointed at her.  Thing 3 played with the focus & ordered me to "stop looking so weird," which shockingly didn't help.

I am a bit rusty.  I know this because of the gazillion of photos Thing 3 took that afternoon, the best ones were of the train track.

The best ones of me look like I am calling the dog or am surprised by my own feet, respectively.

The next day it was warm & rainy.  When I got home Thing 3 met me with her camera & brother in tow.  She announced that she liked my umbrella & wanted to take pictures in the front yard.  She made Thing 2 hold an umbrella over her camera.  Most amusing to watch a 16 year old boy looking miserable & damp, standing by his rather tyrannical sister holding a wee umbrella over her camera.  He is a good brother.  And she is one hell of a sister.  This photo session was mercifully short.

Both of my dresses are from  I can not stress how much I adore them.  I won a gift certificate to their shop a few months back & have been hooked ever since.  They are a phenomenal quality & you can customize them-- not just to your figure, but you can also change lengths, sleeves & necklines on almost all of them.  And they are perfectly reasonably priced.  And I luurrrve them.  They aren't paying me or compensating me in anyway, in case you were overcome with worry that I might have sold out, they are just that wonderful.  Their dresses make me feel like I am heading to a tea party, & that is a very good thing.  Seriously, who doesn't like a good tea party?

No joke, I have actually worked eshakti dresses into my budget--  they have their own category.  This one is next on my list.  Or maybe this one.  So many tea party days, so little time.

In the first set of pics, I'm wearing a gorgeous necklace from Simply Livly.  Which you can barely make out. But no worries, I wear it all the time so we'll catch a better pic.  Again, not compensated, just a happy consumer~*

My umbrella is from Walmart.  Not very exciting-- though I do think its awesome because it reminds me of an umbrella I had when I was a kid that was clear & had yellow trim & made me feel like I was in my own secret bubble.

Life can be pretty durned grand, eh?

Well, its 6:27 am.  I need breakfast.  And to think about getting dressed for class.  No tea party today, more's the bummer.  Even if it does stop snowing, it is only going to be 25 degrees.  Weird weather we're having...


  1. I love all of those colors together! Your blog is so cute!

    New follower :)

  2. Those are both adorable dresses! You look great, not weird :)

  3. I think you look great! You're smiling, looking like you're having fun,'re photos come off natural. I love the coral with grey. Your second dress is perfect for a rainy day (tea party or no)...hooray for yellow tights and a cool umbrella! Lynaea @

  4. You look beautiful, not awkward at all. And I love the dresses! So pretty. I only have my husband to take pics of me and he takes so few that I rarely find one that satisfies me. You have a good team there. :)

  5. Hi, I'm your newest follower I found you on the Blog Hop, if you get a chance please follow back

  6. so pretty in pink! Love that dress and how you paired it with grey. Umbrellas and rain boots just make me smile, these outfits are great!

  7. Love those dresses, particularly the second, so gorgeous.

    The weather you've been having is crazy! Snow, warm, raining, what next?!

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  8. Tabetha, thanks so much for becoming a new follower of our little blog!

    I think your outfits are positively adorable, and hey ... no one ever said it's impossible for Walmart to have cute things ... and that umbrella is cute! ;)

  9. So fun, I love your outfits and it's so great that it's become an all family project!

  10. You can totally tell what kind of climate people come from by how they talk about the weather! Being Scottish gives me lots of experience talking about the rain :) I absolutely love both of these outfits, but the skirt on the second one is fantastic - it reminds me of a skirt I had for ballet when I was little xo


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