Friday, March 8, 2013

Fridays: Spring Break Begins~*

After the sudden & dramatic snow on Wednesday, we are sorta in the mood for Spring.   The pics were taken Monday-- I adore our mountains, & the weather drama that comes with them, but going from 55 with sun to 20 with snow in two days is a bit extreme.  Not that I'm complaining, no doubt the northeast, from whence this latest storm came, suffered greatly under the deluge {& I hope all my bloggie friends up New England way are staying warm & safe}.
Today {Friday} most of the snow has melted & its supposed to be 50 and sunny.  This weekend they've got it up in the 60's.

That's life in our mountains for you.

On this week's photo day, I wore one of the wrap skirts I made last summer in sort of a pre-spring fit of sunshine.  I love the fabric & am generally pleased with how it came out-- though the waistband & the skirt are made of two different weight materials with the skirt being the heavier, & it seems to pull the hemline off on the underside of the wrap.   
Incidentally, on a vanity side note, Thing 3 likes to take pictures right after I get home from work-- hence my hair being flat & piece-y & clothes being a bit rumpled in every photo we've ever taken.  Maybe one of these days  I'll pull myself together enough to primp before photos (or at least brush my hair), but I sincerely doubt it.  We'll definitely start taking to the road for a change of scenery once the weather is consistent-- y'all are probably tired of looking at our withered & dry backyard & the barren hay fields beyond.  Sigh.  
*end of vanity rant*
The sweater, chiffon puff-sleeved top & shoes were all thrifted, in case you are curious~*

As of 3:00 today, we are officially on Spring Break-- with a twist.

For the first time in years, the Things' Spring Break & our Spring Break aren't at the same time.  The peril of snow days on the mountain public school academic calendar.
We don't generally go anywhere during Spring Break anyway-- we did a metric ton of travelling when the kids were younger, & now, as teenagers, they have their own social agendas & whatnot.
So, my mister & I will be home alone during the day whilst the Things are at school.  Woot!

We've decided to do a stay-cation.  Which is a word I abhor & think is ridiculous, but it is the most apt description in this instance so I'm going there. We're going to unplug for a few days & hang out.

Which means, I won't be posting on The Closet for a few days.

Sunday we will be picking the winner of our Lovely Giveaway {you can check out the prizes & enter the giveaway at the end of this post}, & I'll announce who has won & that will be it for a week.

Try not to miss me too much lol

We will be doing some projects around the house & whatnot, so I should have tons to share when I return~*

Have a glory of a Friday & I'll be back on Sunday with the lucky winner of our Lovely Giveaway!


  1. What a pretty wrap skirt!
    have a nice weekend.

  2. That fabric is beautiful! Enjoy your break dear lady

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  3. Darling outfit, from the thrifted top/sweater to the sweet Maryann shoes. And your homegrown wrap skirt is very photogenic... Have a happy spring break. Ours is in a couple more weeks. Lynaea @

  4. You look gloriously spring like! We did get tons of snow, but it's already melting. Lets hope spring finds us all soon :)


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