Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Motivations: Back in the Swing of it~*

I'm back from my bloggie break!  Didja miss me?  

It is going to take me a bit to catch up with everyone's blog.  Other than that quick stop in on Wednesday & answering a few emails, I stayed out of the blogosphere for the week as promised.  Ya'll sure are prolific!  I have a gazillion posts on my bloglovin' to read!

Last week's spring break was just what I needed.  We got stuff done around the house-- not everything we needed to do, but enough that we feel a sense of accomplishment.  The trick to any good time away from work, at least for me, is to strike a balance between doing a lot & doing nothing~*

Believe it or not, it loops back to my march theme of mindfulness {now say that 5 times fast}.  I paid attention to what I was doing.  I wrote lots of lists.  I made decisions.  Much better than just letting things happen {although there are times for that too}.  It made the week feel...I don't know...substantive?  Like it was functional.  Like it lasted.
I suppose what I am trying to say is that our spring break was not too long or too short; it was just right.

I finished up lots of crafts, some of which will make their way to The Closet as Tuesday posts, some will be heading to Canada, hopefully this afternoon {sorry for the delay Joann}.  We also threw our first barbecue of 2013 this past Friday-- we've had a weird spate of warm weather the latter half of the week which allowed for out door cooking and open windows with sweet breezes airing the place out.  'Course the possibility of snow still lingers in the forecast {as I noted Wednesday, it snowed that morning & now the weathermen are calling for snow at the tail end of this week too}.  But the taste of spring was sweet while it lasted-- as was the blackberry barbecue sauce my husband made & I forgot to photograph for a recipe post...but the season is just starting, so no worries, there will be more blackberries to come.

After this post posts, I'll be getting ready for work.  I'm ready to tackle the tail end of the spring 2013 semester, though in all honesty I have no idea what I'm supposed to be teaching today.  I do know, however, that I prepped everything before break, so I'm good~*

Tomorrow is my birthday.  Its gonna be low key this year {though Thing 1 is supposed to make me a lovely gluten free chocolatey goodness}.  43 isn't that exciting of an age.  Now 42 was awesome, as I became the answer to life, the universe & everything.  43?  Meh.  Not nearly as exciting.  I do however have a good craft to post~*

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Have a wonderful Monday!!


  1. March was a good month for most of the bloggers. I am glad you finished much of your work :) Happy Birthday in advance!

  2. I really need to work harder on living in the moment. I'm much too much a slave to my calendar and it's always booked solid. Maybe I'll call April my hiatus month - no more plans!

  3. Welcome back Tabetha! I really missed seeing you pop up in my newsfeed, it felt like there was a void! Glad you had a good break though. And you even got sunshine? How lovely! I love a barbecue (and that sauce sounds amazing, be sure to post the recipe) I'm desparate for weather warm enough, we still having freezing temperatures and rain!

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow my dear! Eat cake and be merry!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...
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    P.S already gotcha on Bloglovin! Can't miss out! :)

  4. Hey Tabetha. Yes, missed you. And a belated Happy Birthday! I'm glad your week was substantive, and I hope your b-day cake was good... And thanks for posting Don Juan wisdom. That resonated. Lynaea @


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