Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Five Among Friends Plus $40 Off~*

Its time for another round of Five Among Friends!   This week's questions are brought to us by the lovely Dawn of Dawn's Disaster~*

1. Who is the person that made you do the dumbest thing? What was it?

That's be myself really.  For my Dad.  I love making him laugh.  I can't explain the story behind it because there isn't one.  I just ran around a grocery store after him screaming orange juice.  In my slippers.  In a funny voice.  But he was dying laughing & it was awesome.

2. What was the FIRST job you ever had?

You know how retro t-shirts with customized decals were all the rage a few years back?

So okay, they are still in style.  Well, I was in on that in the 80's-- when it wasn't retro, it was just...well, the 80's.

I was 14 and worked at Shirtique, ironing on the customized quotes, logos or decals to order at a local mall.  It was pretty sweet, & its still there. And I can still fold shirts like a superstar~*

From Vintage 80's by Johnny Stiletto

3. When do you relax and how do you do it?

When Frankie says.  Obviously.

Or here:

But that's a whole other layer of nerd~*

4. Where was your most memorable date? Who was it with?

Well right now all I can think of is the anniversary dinner I just had with my husband a few nights ago!  We aren't get-dressed-up-and-go-out people, but there was this fancy restaurant we wanted to try.  So we got all Madmen-tastic & had a smashing dinner & a lovely time~*

5. Why do you blog?

As a creative expression.  And as a way of meeting fantastic people like these:

Thanks Dawn for the questions!!

Five Among Friends

Okay Lady Lund, you're up!!

And on a completely unrelated note, you can still get $40 off your first order at eShakti using the code:


I am currently drooling over several of their dresses.  Which isn't a pleasant image, but is sadly true...

I just adore modern-retro dresses.  I'm an addict.  And I can't see paying hundreds of dollars for some twee number that is both badly made & too short for my taste.  I like "retro" not "toddler."  

That's why I love eShakti & continually talk about them like they are my own personal tailor.  Cos...well..they are actually-- I have the option of customizing my dresses to my exact measurements.  Which is, I believe, one of the definitions of "tailoring."  Or I can add sleeves or change the neckline or the hemline or all 3 for a whopping $7.50 total.   You see that blue number?  I want to have it with a square neckline.  Wouldn't that be adorable?  All I have to do is check the box on the site.  I have a tailor!  Sweet!  

And I'm not getting paid to say any of this.  

I am advising you to try them out, however.  The only "catch" on the code is that it has to be a dress (or skirt or top) valued at $55.00 or over.  So you can get a $55.00 dress for $15.00.  Add on $7.50, and you can have it custom tailored to your measurements or change to a square neckline.  For an additional $15.00, you could do both.  So for $30.00, you can get a dress tailored to your measurements with your own customized styling twists.  Like a squared neckline and cap sleeves.  Or whatever you want.  

Because life is just that awesome.  

See why I love them so??  And they aren't just retro, they have more modern designs as well.  I just love the retro.  In case you missed that bit.

THEC1HEC.  eShakti.  Go there now.  

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