Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ain't No Rest.

Some of this...

A bit of this...

More of this than I should...

Less of this than I'd like...

And it all adds up to this:

That's my life in the moment.  

How goes it with you?

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  1. About the same, but without the academia.

  2. It's pretty chill right now. The only thing that creates drama here is my dog, who is very emotional. LOL

    Jan Loves

  3. I'm with Ruthie...about the same, just a different genre. Pictures would include...uh...well, zucchini probably. Not that I'm doing anything with it.

    My husband, in lieu of the energy drink buzz, is downing all sorts of exotic vitamins right now. Niacin rushes seem to make him particularly happy.

    Hang in's almost the weekend!

  4. Good luck pulling everything together. It's a stressful and exciting time of year. I'm so out if it that it still feels like summer, fall is definately going to take me by surprise :)

  5. It feels like you should not have to be back at it so quickly my friend! I hope those students treat you well. :)


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