Friday, August 23, 2013

Race Weekend, in More Ways Than One

I spent yesterday at the Bristol campus doing registration and class prepping and chatting with colleagues & my husband {who has the dual role of colleague AND husband, the lucky so-n-so}.  It is race weekend.  Our satellite campus is on the main street.  It was madness.

We got there a bit early, before the crowds, while the tents were going up & the cars were pulling up & the sun was coming up & the temperature was rising.  And we were able to sneak out at 5, just as the main street was getting in its groove {& all I wanted to do was get home & pour a nice glass of wine.  Have you tried Dreaming Tree, Crush?  It is lovely.  And so is its founder.}.

I don't really understand the appeal of NASCAR.  I do like the history-- it started with moonshiners, who raced the law for their day job, then got together to flex some muscles & gain outlaw cred by racing each other at night.  Cool.  But I don't get modern NASCAR.  Not that I fault it (though the environmentalist in me cringes a bit at the thought of the pollution caused}.  Who I am to judge what others clearly enjoy?
Others clearly enjoying--they seemed very excited and made jokes about not touching the car-- I hope they don't mind their picture going up here, I just wanted to share their enthusiasm with all due respect.  And as you might note, the stereotype NASCAR viewer is just like every other stereotype-- completely untrue & media driven.
One of the side effects of living in a free country is that not everyone is going to think like I do or like what I like and more to the point, I have to accept that others won't think like I do or like what I like.  And that makes life interesting when you come to think about it.

Maybe that is why I love teaching & learning.  There's always something new on the horizon-- minds to open and  ideas to open mine, you know?  I may  not agree with or enjoy every new experience or concept that comes my way, but my life is enriched by the exposure.

I took an extra class this semester, so I'll have 6 instead of the usual 5.  Without going into details, or politics, my college found itself on the short end of the adjunct stick this semester, and I happily volunteered to help. I love teaching.  It is what I do.

So this weekend I will be doing laundry, helping with homework, cleaning house, coloring my hair {I wouldn't mind so much if it was just gray or white, but salt-n-pepper I can't abide} & prepping a last minute class.  I don't mind, really. But it does means, with my committee work & the extra class & the book & all the chickens settling in to roost there may be more posts like this around The Closet.  I hope you don't mind, but I think the blog will take on a distinctly rambling style~*

Have a great weekend, rest up & get ready for the adventures that next week has in store.  I know I will.

See you Monday with Five Among Friends!

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  1. You know, it's funny. Everything I know about Nascar was learned from Talladega Nights. Haha! I like the movie - a lot - but I'm not sure I could sit through a car race.

    Not really my thing.

    How did the hair color turn out. I'm still anxiously awaiting my first gray hair. My sister got it really early - and nothing for me. I deserve it. I have worked hard for it - and I want it.


    Thanks so much for linking upwith us at the Mommy Monday Blog HOp! I so enjoy reading your posts!

    1. Talladega Nights is hilarious!! I have yet to find time to color my hair-- Today is the day!!

  2. Yay for adventures to come! Sounds like you're going to be a busy bee, I'm looking forward to reading all
    about it :)

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. Fingers crossed I have time to write all about it lol!

  3. Hey Tabetha. I've been missing checking in on what's up at the closet intellectual. Looks like there's a lot going on (six classes! And a book? what does that mean? you're reading? or Writing?). Your anthropological leanings (vs. Nascar enthusiasm) are the pictures you take at community gatherings and your take on what you see. I'm with Kate...sure hope you have time to write about it. Even if it's rambly (I actually really enjoy your ramblings).

  4. I don't get the NASCAR thing either. As long as nobody's getting hurt it doesn't bother me though. ;)


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