Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Non Sequitur

I've said before that I don't particularly enjoy watching television or going to movies.  I have a short attention span, at least when it comes to passive entertainment.  People who know me know that I actually can be doggedly driven to a single purpose when the mood strikes-- I obsess, I ponder, I plan, I will not be diverted.  I pay attention when it matters, is my point.  And for me, television doesn't matter enough for me to carry a plot beyond a single episode.

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Jeremy adores Game of Thrones, for example.  I thought it was cool looking, but too high maintenance.  I was going to have to remember stuff from show to show, &  I couldn't get up during an episode or I'd miss something.  Too stressful.

from MyTrashAndTreasure

If I find a show I like, I need to watch all of them immediately.   Which means that I rarely watch currently airing shows.  I watched The Tudors that way-- after it had gone off the air, and was on Netflix and I could watch all of them one after the other.  I quite liked the series, but would never have watched it when it was airing-- too much effort on my end.  I also think that since it was loosely based on historical facts I am familiar with, I could get up and wander around when I got bored and still know what was going on when I came back.   

Look!  Squirrel!

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Over spring break I indulged in Jeeves and Wooster.  I have been reading the books again as well.  Re- reading counts toward my resolution, just FYI.

Which led to A Bit of Fry and Laurie marathon.

And then Stephen Fry's documentary on Wagner.  Whom I will be teaching about in my Humanities 2020 class this week.

I adore Stephen Fry.  He is brilliant and charming and generally smashing grand. Have you seen QI?  You ought to, you really ought.

Where was I?  Ever look at a blog post and wonder how you got from point A to point B?

So hmmm.  More squirrels!

from Mark Poulin

Watched any good shows lately?

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