Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Life Lately


Mother's Day cupcakes for Nina/Nina & Poppy on their wedding day/ a train at the first farmer's market/ my beloved tomatoes/ a blue grass band (I covet that dress btw)/ Eat More Fruit/ my "pewter" mantel decorations (explanation to follow on another day)/ a Poosh in the sun/ a trip to the nursery/ planning a flower bed/ a downtown shop/ our favorite junk shop/ finally dusting off the grill

I've left off pictures of my messy desk.  The book is getting written, we have a publisher and I am very excited, but there is still much to do.  I've also ignored the disaster area that is the craft room (I had several shreds of thread in my hair all day today and didn't know it until Jeremy got home from the library at 8:15).  I've been doing a lot of creative to balance the academic-- I'm thinking there will be a craft post in the Closet's future.  
I'll be stopping here more often now, I promise.  I've missed it.  And I want to know what you've all been up to.  I'll be surfing the blogs-- please leave me a link to yours in the comments so I can follow your adventures this summer!

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