Sunday, July 6, 2014

Small Town Fourth of July

I've lived in big cities, suburbs, unincorporated communities, and everything in between.  But this little, small town is my home.  You can't beat a small town parade-- less spectacle, more neighborly, if that makes sense.  Plus, tractors!  Tractors are cool.  

After the parade we grabbed lunch at the General Store and left with chocolate milkshakes that we sipped while we strolled through the craft fair.  The weather was lovely-- clear blue and not too hot.   The little main street was more crowded than I'd ever seen it; the perfect opportunity to people watch.

We finished it off with a wedding anniversary dinner.  Funny story.  At first we were planning on having a traditional night-at-a-fancy-restaurant dinner.  That morphed into appetizers with drinks at the fancy place with a quick stop at a favorite sushi bar.  When we saw there was going to be a beer garden, we decided we'd just come back downtown for beer and funnel cake.  
We ended up swinging by the store, grabbing some yummies, and grilling at home.  
That's how we roll~* 

Thanks to my husband for a great anniversary & wonderful marriage, & thanks to the small town for the 4th of July parade and being home.  I'm a lucky girl.

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