Thursday, April 17, 2014

Random Button Blouse

A handful of collected vintage buttons plus an inexpensive "bohemian" blouse missing a few brass ball buttons.  The combination came out rather charming, I think.

It has a lovely Victorian feel now, instead of the modern boho chic thing.  It's the little things, ain't it?

Have you done any little projects with big effect lately?

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


It was a glorious weekend.  In the seventies, both days, with clear skies.  Window opening weather.

I wish I could say I did something amazing.  Jeremy had to work, the kids were scattered to the four winds (as teenagers often are) and I was home.  With open windows.  I cleaned carpets & washed clothes & did some housecleaning.  I wandered out in the yard and took pictures of the first signs of spring & smelt the spring air.  
The apple tree looks bare until you get close.  

Is it crazy that after ten years I still look at the view from my backyard and just marvel that I live here?  It blows this suburban city girls mind.  

Our dog yard looks like a meadow.  It will need mowing soon.

Truth be told, I loved every precious, boring minute of this weekend.  I needed the sunshine and the quiet.

Sometimes the nothing weekends are the best.

I was fortunate enough to see John Denver in concert when I was younger, more times than I can count.  Once we came fresh from the beach,  badly sunburned, my sister and I-- and we sang along with all the songs and shivered as the sun went down.  I think of John Denver as our sibling soundtrack.  That and Bob Dylan.  Bangled Bup Bin Blue.  Never mind, you had to be there.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Butterfly Mobile Project

These photo mobiles that I picked up years ago have proven themselves useful time and time again.  Right now they are hanging in the bathroom.  The previous owners anchored two big hooks in the ceiling to hold a hideous double pendant chandelier that they had "ingeniously" installed in the wall, then spread out and draped one gigantic glass bulb over each sink.  We put in track lighting, but the hooks remained.  The damage that would caused in removing them wasn't worth the effort.

Over Christmas, I hung the mobiles from the hooks, along with some glass ornaments for a festive change of pace.  I liked the look and movement.  So for spring I updated it with paper butterflies.  I cut three butterflies of various shapes out of decorative cardstock, then sewed them together.  I attached the clips meant for photos to each wing, and there you go!

I'm quite pleased with the effect! 

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cecilia On Woman In Real Life!

The wonderful Joann of Woman in Real Life has featured Cecilia in her Blogger Style Series!

Go check out & follow her wonderful blog, and see our spring house tour!  Thanks Joann!!

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