Sunday, July 13, 2014

Life Lately

Writing. chores, sewing and kitties.  Not bad for the hot, gray days of mountain summer.

We've been using these foodie dice to plan menus now that farmer's market is open.  I like the randomness of it.  We're also going to try our hand at canning some spaghetti sauces and pestos to put up for the winter.  Jeremy's pesto sauce is the best thing about summer, hands down.   

It hasn't rained much, but its threatened to.  Everything is gray and hazy.  We haven't done too much outside, a little weeding and such.  Though I did convert our old (broken) fountain into a planter by drilling holes through the fiberglass and throwing in potting soil and some cheap perennials.  I may turn it into an herb garden next summer...hmmm.  Fresh basil and more pesto.  Bliss.

The kids are all busy and bustling this summer.  Harper has a job, and is spending every non working moment exploring the mountains with friends.  Tucker has football practice, and camp coming up, and a new girlfriend who is sweet as can be.  Bayley just moved a little further down the road--I think I'll have a housewarming party post coming up here when I get around to it.  Jeremy has had a summer class, and of course is working at the library.  Its a quiet summer for me.  I like it.  
I'm hoping to have most of my work wrapped up in a couple of weeks, so we'll have more time for some summer adventures.  Even so, it will be low key.  I'm liking the leisurely life of an author. 

What new projects have you tried out this summer?

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