Friday, January 20, 2012

guest room redo

The guest room has been finished for almost a month, but I'm just getting around to posting the pics~* It was Thing 3's room, but when Thing 1 moved in to her own apartment this past fall, the youngest moved in to the larger room-- which left us with an empty room.  It had been storage, mostly, for a few months-- but then the holidays came and we wanted the room.  After a good scrubbing and repainting {Thing 3 had it a lovely hot pink-- and while it fit her personality, it wasn't conducive to a restful guest get-a-way}, we got busy fixing it up, and here is the end result.  It ended up being an homage to Thing 1's childhood-- which was good, since she was our Christmas guest!

Everything in the room, with the exception of the bed and linens {which are Rachel Ashwell's shabby chic line from Target}, was either handmade or hand installed.  I had painted the rabbit door for my eldest daughter's armoire  when she was a toddler {I used the Tenniel pen and ink drawings from Alice in Wonderland as a guide}.  The armoire since fell apart, but I hung on to the door {handily enough}.  The "coffee table" is her toybox repurposed-- it is also painted with Alice in Wonderland scenes {I painted them to match the aforementioned armoire}, and it was built by my father.  My husband, the Europeanist, hung the shelves, which I then covered in shelf paper and trimmed with paper doilies hot glued to the edges.

Over the weekend I will work up some tutorials for the chandelier, paper flowers and the mobile!  If you have questions on any of the other features of the room, just let me know!

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