Sunday, January 15, 2012

Momma needs a new pair of shoes...

...but the post Christmas budget won't allow it.   So, bring out the paint and a few pairs of shoes that bored me, and voila!

The red pair were a "practical" brown.  I had gotten them out of desperation-- I couldn't find a pair of brown mary jane type pumps that were comfortable, and they were on sale...and padded...and unfortunately they screamed frumpy rather loudly.  They had been banished and left to wallow among the too-comfortable-to-throw-away-yet-too-boring-to-wear foot gear lurking in the back of my closet .  
Now as the Spring semester got underway this past week, I realized I was in desperate need of a pair of red shoes.  After much stumbling about the web, I found these...

...but I am in to immediate fashion gratification, so I decided to update my old and busted frumps {though I haven't ruled out getting the lovely Lottas later}. 

I used Folk Art's Metallic Bright Red for the trim, and Martha Stewart's multi-surface satin in Chipotle, and a craft brush that I had laying around-- all leftovers from crafts past.

 The finished pair looks a little 1930's hoochiemomma to me, and I love them most dearly~*

The second pair was a pair of plain brown ballet-type flats ala Wally World-- actually quite comfortable, but about as boring as a shoe can get {with added benefit of looking cheap as well}.  As it happens, I have a pair of brown ballet-type flats from the Gap {I have the terrible habit of buying more than one of something I think, at least at the time, will be incredibly useful...which oddly enough occasionally extends to shoes} which I prefer to the Faded Glories, and thus the lesser pair was offered up to my painting whims.

These babies got the glitter treatment thanks to some leftover xmas craft supplies: Folkart Extreme Glitter in Peridot, two large plastic buttons in green, and a bit of light blue ribbon.  I left the grosgrain trim unpainted, cut off the brown string bow that originally adorned the shoes, used several coats of glitter paint and finished with the button woven through with the ribbon.  Hello sparklies!!

Sorry for the quality of the pics-- I was working with my phone camera.  Hopefully I have some pics of these new shoes in action {along with outfits} over the next few days!
And these sweeties used to be a boring navy...very matronly in a Nurse Ratched sort of way.  
Now they are a work in progress.  Lovely turquoise {Apple Barrell paint this time} and matte.  Am playing with the idea of doing some sort of two-tone or maybe a freehand design with a little bling...we'll see...and you'll see too, once they are finished~*

I would love to say these crafts took an enormous amount of creative ability and an innate artistic sensibility, but no...couldn't have been easier.  Am seriously considering making this a new hobby.  Seriously.  Super super cereal. 

I'll be spending the next two days crafting and prepping for classes {thanks to a late start to winter, Friday's classes were cancelled due to snow, so we'll be enjoying the 2nd half of a smashing grand surprise 4 day weekend}.  But for now, it looks like a good time for a butterscotch schnapps and a pat on the back for craft well done LOL!

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  1. Came across your blog today while blog-hopping. I think we may live in the same area. I wanted to send a shout out to a fellow TN'an and say I love your upcycled shoes - very creative and great idea!


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