Monday, January 30, 2012

{Teal} Blue Music Monday

Music Monday, I like the sound of that~*

Sunglasses/No idea, but cheap
I lose them too often to pay more than $5.00 a pair ~*
Not enough sleep last night means prone to daydreaming today...fuzzy focus...luckily I know my stuff {I know history & that's all I know}.  Starbucks morning, diet red bull during home & hanging with the hubby and Thing 3 {Thing 2 is @ practice, Thing 1 is back from a trip to Virginia & catching up on homework & sleep @ her place}.

Dress/Elle for Kohl's, necklaces/vintage beads

Think I might play me some World of Warcraft {yes I'm a mmorpg junkie...someday I'll introduce you to my alternate online personalities...there are many~*}.

Qupid sandals/, tights/Target

Music is playing on the stereo, computer is muted & I'm off to Azeroth.  Picture me daaaayyyy dreaammmin' with Dark, Dark, Dark whilst fighting zombies in Zul'Drak to level my troll hunter.  Her name is Mariyah~*

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  1. I love the blue color of your dress :)

    xo Jennifer


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