Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Busy Bee

Am looking at a very busy two days-- no time for wishes or thoughts this week I'm afraid.  Tonight there are some family things that need doing.  Tomorrow a guest lecturer is coming to our campus {Katherine Lehman who is talking about her new book Those Girls
book cover image
Available at
I have been asked, and will be honored,  to introduce her at tomorrow's talks-- but it does mean a long day on campus {teaching my classes, doing introductions & the hubs & I taking her to dinner, which is a lovely chance to pick her brain... but I'll tell you all about that this weekend! }.  Luckily I only have office hours on Friday-- a great chance to catch up on the paperwork that is cluttering my office & set up for next week.  

I'll take some pics & whatnot...hopefully a few quick posts in between events & I'll definitely be surfing y'alls blogs thanks to google friends & bloglovin & my trusty kindle fire~*

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