Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gettin' Crafty~*

So what have I been doing all day?


But now it is time for crafting!  Today I'm posting my Spring Yarn Tree~*

It is super easy & very whimsical & cute & an simple way to bring a touch of spring into the house {Thing 3 calls them Truffula trees}.  Supplies needed:

1.  An assortment of twigs from the yard 
    • {we've had a lot of wind lately, so this bit was easy}.  You could also go for a more modern look and go for thin dowels.  Or, if you wanted to go extra stylized, you could paint the twigs/dowels assorted colors or wrap them in yarn (yarn bomb decorations~*}.  I really like the combination of natural twigs & bright yarns, so that is what I went with {though I might do the painted type for summer}.  
2.  A vase or whatnot to display the finished product
    • I'm using a lime green ceramic pitcher that my husband gave me, full of daisies, back when we were dating...he is very sweet~*
3.  Yarn in assorted colors
    • Obviously the number of colors you use are up to you.  I advise using odd numbers {I used 5 colors, lime green, bright aqua, bright yellow, carnation pink & a heathered off white}.  For some reason, odd numbers are more aesthetically pleasing than even.  I intended to do three colors, aqua, red and white {that whole Scandinavia thing I mentioned in an earlier post}, but Thing 3 put her foot down {apparently, red is a fall or winter color in her universe}.  She picked the yellow, I held firm with the aqua & the others were chosen to match.
4.  Pom pom makers like these

5.  Craft glue {I like Tacky Glue, but any white glue would do}

Now for the How-To {easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy}

 3.  Start making puff balls-- enough to top every twig tip {or stick, or whatever you are using}.  I already did a tutorial on how to use the pom pom makers here.

4.  Once you've made the pom poms, use the white glue to attach the pom pom to the twigs-- you can also slide the pom pom on to the twig without glue {push the pom pom on to the twig very gently though as they tend to snap lol}

5.  Once all the pom poms are attached, arrange them in the vase and enjoy!

How easy is that??  The upper picture is where I am going to display my "bouquet," on our kitchen table {that my Dad made for me out of an old door & I love, love, love}; the lower picture was taken outside on our little porch to get better lighting}

I'm actually making more pom poms in assorted sizes to decorate the metal tree I have on the wall-- but I'll post some house decoration pics later on.  Let me know if you decide to add a yarn tree in to your spring decorations-- I'd love to see your interpretations!  


  1. Beautiful project! This is so cool.


  2. So cute!I'm going to have a go, I'm sure I have a vague memory of how to make pom poms.Rx


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