Monday, March 26, 2012

Music Monday in Mustard~*

For a Monday, today went very well!

Classes went well & I am very nearly caught up with HIST2020, which is generally a class that I am perpetually behind in...last semester I barely made it through the First Gulf War, which was very upsetting to me.  I am fully aware that the vast majority of my students will never have another American history class after the required 2010 {US through the Civil War} and 2020 {Reconstruction to the  Present day}.  Our history has been so tortured by politicians that most students have no idea what our actual history is... is it the same done in other countries?  I imagine it is fairly common political tactic or at any rate, it is a great way to manipulate people.

Pinstripe navy & white blazer / Thrifted, St. John's Bay ; Mustard Sundress / Thrifted, no label ; Tights/ Worthington ; Shoes/ Bamboo ; Belt / Forever21 ; Sunglasses /  Gas station...cheapest I could find after breaking my last pair

My hubs had some awesome news-- he got 2 summer classes, both online!  Woot!  Online classes are rather wonderful.  We create movies using window movie maker by making images of our powerpoints then recording our lecture as an audio file {we've done this separately as we've both had online classes in the past, though we've actually done a few classes interview style with both of us talking to each other}.  The movies are then uploaded through the school web program, and students watch them according to the syllabi schedule.  Each video ends with a question for discussion, then the students debate the subject on the class discussion board.  Papers are done online and ...sorry, probably way more info than you care to have...just trust me, its cool.  They are a lot of fun AND, best part, he'll get to be home while doing it.  Yay!  

He is hoping to pick up a traditional class too, but at least he'll be mostly home & there won't be much change in pay.  I'm full time faculty, so I get paid the same every month year round, but he is an adjunct, so he gets paid per class during the semester.  Usually our summers are lean because he goes from teaching 5 or 6 classes to teaching 1 or 2...but if he picks up a traditional class as well we'll be in the gravy as compared to past summers!

Mac likes to photo bomb...sigh.
The other bit of lovely news involves my beloved TT.  He had a bit of an issue this weekend in as much as his left axle decided it no longer wished to cooperate with the rest of the car.  That sounds terrible awful, but it wasn't that bad or expensive to fix.  But after fixing the obvious bit,  the mechanic called saying there was an error reading, and, to make a long story short, the brakes were about to explode or some such thing. And, even better, there was nothing he could do about it because they did not have the tools needed to work on the Audi {we love our mechanics, they are the best guys ever-- they are awesome}.  Pandemonium ensued.  There is no way we could afford a new ABS system.  Hubs was tense.  I was tense. The Things were tense.  Poosh was okay, but then, he's Poosh.

Isn't he cute?

After spending a frantic Saturday trying to locate an Audi mechanic, surfing the web for more information on the problem, and talking to our regular mechanics {again, awesome guys}, we finally put a call in to Chill Joe "Muffin" McGee, Thing 1's boyfriend.  
In addition to being an engineering major, good guy & general genius, Chill Joe is also the owner of an Audi TT that he works on as a hobby.  One call from Thing 1, and he agreed to come over {from college...a few hours away...because he's just that Chill} to check it out.

Here he comes to save the day!
After looking under the hood, under the car & under the dash, then tentatively driving it around Chill Joe could detect nothing wrong.  He gave us the number of his Audi guy {who is about 1/2 an hour away from us} and we tried not to panic as we waited to call on Monday.  Which we did.  Turns out, it is nothing.  The error reading comes up if the system has been reset, which it was when the axle was replaced.  We are good.  Thank you Chill Joe "Muffin" McGee's mechanic, you are chill too~*

So to honor chillness, functioning brakes, summer classes & Mondays, today's musical selection is Sun is Shining, by Bob Marley-- a favorite of Chill Joe "Muffin" McGee, savior of all things Audi.

Click play, close your eyes,  get chill, & enjoy what is left of your Monday~*


  1. I love the outfit! Looks great on you. My husband teaches high school history. I'll have to ask him if he thinks Canadian history is as affected by politicians as U.S.!

  2. your outfit's so cute! and the doggy! ahh adorable! :)

    1. Thanks! And your blog is so cute-- I'm following it on bloglovin'~*

  3. You're outfit is fabulous Mother dear. And Chill Joe was glad to help! :))) <3

  4. audis and vws have lots of weird readings come up from just the computers like that - my vw had it a lot too! glad it's all okay though.

    your dog is ADORABLE.

    and i love your skirt & sweater - navy and gold are so wonderful together.

    <3 katherine

    1. The best thing about Audis and VWs is that the parts are readily available and mostly interchangeable!


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