Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ten Treasure Tuesday~*

Ah Spring Break, what a stellar concept~*  No outfit photos today-- it is a sweatpants & t shirt & big sloppy sweater sort of day.  A "let's sit around and enjoy doing nothing," sort of day.  A "video games, starbucks & donuts," sort of day.  A lovely lazy glory of a day~*
I do have a quick snap of the hubby & I at the wedding-- & I'm sure some more wedding photos will wind there way in to blog posts over the next few days...

I did get some craft organizing done today, & will be working on photographing some projects tonight & tomorrow {mostly tomorrow}.  And I did take a lovely long browse on Etsy coming up with today's ten treasures, so I hope you enjoy!

Blue HolmBowl Set / Turquoise Melmac Cups & Saucers / blue cloud tile / ceramic green & blue bird perfume bottle / Danish modern enamel pitcher

Vintage Tins / Owl Figurine / Strong man tea towelVintage embroidery / Floral mug set

In thinking about crafting, I've also been thinking about spring decor-- I'm thinking its gonna be a sort of Scandinavia-esque-sort-a-1930-ish-cottage-red-&-turquoise sort of spring this year at Cecilia {that's the name of my house...but more on that some other time, eh?}
What are your ideas for Spring decorations this year?