Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ten Treasure Tuesday~*

Ah Spring Break, what a stellar concept~*  No outfit photos today-- it is a sweatpants & t shirt & big sloppy sweater sort of day.  A "let's sit around and enjoy doing nothing," sort of day.  A "video games, starbucks & donuts," sort of day.  A lovely lazy glory of a day~*
I do have a quick snap of the hubby & I at the wedding-- & I'm sure some more wedding photos will wind there way in to blog posts over the next few days...

I did get some craft organizing done today, & will be working on photographing some projects tonight & tomorrow {mostly tomorrow}.  And I did take a lovely long browse on Etsy coming up with today's ten treasures, so I hope you enjoy!

Blue HolmBowl Set / Turquoise Melmac Cups & Saucers / blue cloud tile / ceramic green & blue bird perfume bottle / Danish modern enamel pitcher

Vintage Tins / Owl Figurine / Strong man tea towelVintage embroidery / Floral mug set

In thinking about crafting, I've also been thinking about spring decor-- I'm thinking its gonna be a sort of Scandinavia-esque-sort-a-1930-ish-cottage-red-&-turquoise sort of spring this year at Cecilia {that's the name of my house...but more on that some other time, eh?}
What are your ideas for Spring decorations this year?


  1. Cute cute blog and cute cute finds. I feel like I NEED those mugs! I am on the same page with hunting for vintage Scandanavian treasures lately.

  2. Love that photo, so big, genuine smiles are infectious.Rx


  3. Awww, you and your hubby look so happy! Looking forward to seeing the projects :)


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