Monday, March 19, 2012

Today is My Birthday & Music Monday~*

As of today, I am officially the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything~*

You have been warned.
Any Douglas Adams fans?

Fantastic day-- 80 degrees of gorgeousness {after all, in the face of the Ultimate Answer, what chance does a little thing like weather have?}.  I brought cookies to my students {college kids need cookies too}.

Dress/Thrifted Mossimo from Target ; Brown tank top/ Old Navy ;  Necklace & Earrings/Kohls, years ago

Hairstyle courtesy of the convertible.  I had it all down in surfer girl waves during the day, but the weather was too gorgeous to keep the top up on the way home.  Fortunately I was able to score a rubber band buried in the glove box or I would have had my usual post-convertible dreadlocks~*

I adore these shoes.  They are vintage 1970's Candies.  When I was a kid, all the glamorous teenagers had shoes like these {& those cool hand tooled leather purses that they "colored in" with paint...& a fondness for big buttons with smiley faces & whatnot that they would pin to the shoulder strap...but I digress}.  In the late 90's I stumbled across this pair on ebay.  I treasure them.  They make me a cool kid~*

My husband is cooking me country fried steak.  A succulent delicacy that I had never had {hailing, as I did, from Cali-forny way} until he cooked it for me for the first time numerous years ago.  My God it is good.  Too rich & calorie heavy for everyday, but delectable on a special occasion.  Like my birthday.

Party tonight with Thing 1 made cake-y goodness & my parents coming over.  Pictures will be posted of the festivities thanks to my very own camera that my lovely hubby got for me {yay!}.  The house is clean.  My work is done.  Life is good~*

So for today's music Monday, let's get down with a song recorded the year & month I was born-- here is Free performing All Right Now {recorded at the Isle of Wight Festival after it was released}

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