Monday, April 16, 2012

Music Monday~*

A beautiful Monday, though thunderstorms are apparently looming.  Ah well, enjoy it while we can I 'spose...

Cardigan / Old Navy ; Belt / Forever 21 ; Top & Skirt / Thrifted; Tights & Shoes / Target
I had a great day-- classes went smashingly well, office hours were productive, all -n- all a great day, no complaints...

Sunglasses / cheap :) ; Chihuahua Mutt / Poosh {& no you can't buy him}
Funny story about Poosh.  Thing 1 decided to her move in to her own apartment last year & 3 months before move in day she announced that she wanted a companion.  We already had 3 cats & two dogs, but she really wanted a mini something {a purse dog, I call 'em}.

After talking it over, the hubby, me Thing 1 & Thing 3 headed down to the animal shelter while Thing 2 was at practice.  While there Thing 3 unexpectedly fell in love with an adorable terrier mutt & begged so sweetly that we caved & thus Alice was adopted into our household  & she is the sweetest, jumpiest, twirliest girl ever.

She also doesn't get the whole pose for the camera thing
But I digress...

So Thing 1 debated while sitting amongst a plethora of minis in all shapes & colors that were in one huge kennel.    She waited & pondered then chose...but the one she wanted she couldn't get because there was already a waiting list.  And thus fate brought us Poosh.

Oh and why Poosh? Fast forward to 6:07 - 6:33...  or better yet, watch the whole episode~*

But I digress.

So, you are no doubt thinking, if Thing 1 got Poosh to co-habitate with her at her new digs, why does Poosh keep making appearances in your blog photos?

Because it very quickly became clear that Poosh was not an apartment friendly pet, as evidenced by the shoebox size hole he tore in her carpet {goodbye security deposit}.  Because, as a busy college student with a part time job, Thing 1 was not home very much, which meant yippy barks echoed around her apartment complex all day long.  Because, when she did have time off,  Thing 1 wanted to be able to travel to visit Chill Joe "Muffin" McGee & a variety of other people, which meant Poosh was dropped off at our place for days at a time.  And because the hubs & I , though skeptical at first, grew to love him madly as the granddoggie we never wanted.

And so Thing 1 took a cat instead...

Zelda...& she is very happy being spoiled by Thing 1 too

And we got a Poosh...

And life once again became groovy~*

On this hip, doggie-o,  music Monday, I offer you a childhood favorite of mine.  By the time I was born, the Monkees had already been off the air for 2 years.  Nonetheless, the show went in to glorious syndication in my youth.  When I was around, oh, 10? 12?  it aired every day during the summer at 12 noon.  And no matter what, I was always sure to race inside to see it.  I had a huge crush on Mike {the dude in the hat}, then Micky {the dude singing}.  What can I say, I was a fickle preteen.  I eschewed Davy because everyone liked him.  And Peter was a dork {sorry Peter, but you know its true}.
As I was writing this post I thought of this song--

If I was looking for a word to describe what I was going to buy I think dog would be the word.  That Micky.  What a cut up~*

Here's hoping your Monday is the grooviest yet!


  1. I'm lovin' the doggies, the cat and the fact that you guys went to the animal shelter to give some pups a new (spoiled) life!

  2. Cute outfit, and cute critters! Love that you get pound puppies, too :)

  3. ummm... that little dog is the cutest thing i've ever seen. i'd totally snatch him right up, except that he'd be like a little snack to my two dogs... :(


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