Monday, April 23, 2012

Music Monday & a Giveaway~*

Ah & now we are on the last week of teaching.  Monday 4/30 is the last official class day, so as I have wrapped my classes for today, the last week can officially begin.  Of course then there is final's week & endless grading to do before grades can be submitted, then there is graduation to attend {& I never went to any of my graduations so I feel sort of hypocritical wearing full academic regalia just to sit in an audience, but there it is}.  Ah but it is the last week of teaching none-the-less.
Posts will be short this week, & I'll have lots of blog reading to catch up on by the time next weekend rolls around...things get busy 'round this time o' year as I hear students' pleas for mercy mwahahahaha
But it is music & not at all maniacal Monday, so without further ado I give you a spoonful of sugar to help Monday go down...

Any new music you've been listening to lately?  I'm always looking for new sounds...though I am not a fan of twangy country {my ears bleed a little just thinking of it}

On the good news front, the delightful Caitlin of To Make Love Stay is having a giveaway.  Since I was just rambling on a scant few days ago about supporting independent artists, it seemed apropos to include a link to her giveaway.  It is for a $20 gift certificate to put towards an original piece from After Nine to Five Decor... I want the Star Wars one...its on my list.  So go try your luck & register for the giveaway, & while you are there, follow Caitlin's blog {you won't be sorry!}


  1. Congrats! I am excited for you that you get to escape work for a bit! Good luck with the papers. I haven't been listening to any "new" music lately, but I have been enjoying Sam Cooke, and Ryan Adams (always).

  2. Totally with you on both choices {Sam Cooke should be in every human beings music rotation}

  3. A beautiful song choice. Her voice reminded me of so many artists I love yet not one in particular (which is always a good thing as it shows they aren't simply imitating another act). I'm off to check out that

  4. I like Sucre more than Eisley. I have A Beautiful Mess to thank for introducing me to them. Yay!


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