Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday, Sunday~*

What was supposed to be a leisurely weekend turned into an adventure~*

On the quest for the perfect non-present, present for my Dad's birthday {he insisted there be no birthday we had to get creative}, the hubs & I headed out to the quaint thrifts & junks downtown.

It was massively fun & silly as always.  Lunch at a groovy diner-- not retro, legitimately established forever ago with no updated remodels to spoil it...

Lunch was scrumptious & genuinely homemade.  And the decor-- awesome photos of downtown in its late 40's heyday-- too cool~*

Then more thrifting {& perusing a hobby store} followed by a coffee & shared dessert.  A gooey espresso chocolate brownie, also homemade, also lovely~*

After a quick stop at the Hallmark for trappings & trimmings, we had the pater familias' non present present set for the planned dinner at a local deli...

The slightly terrifying yet adorable 1970's kitty was sitting atop a Popsicle maker {we thought he'd enjoy coming up with bizarre combinations for the summer}...

Had a wonderful dinner with family & folks then Starbucks for afters...all and all a good time.

Today has been spent scurrying around doing housework & prepping for tomorrow.  Still no time to complete my fashion Friday post...I suppose I shall be regularly irregular in my blogging habits~*

Hope your weekend was full of surprises, adventures & good coffee~*