Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thundering Thursday~*

We are gathering at a track meet...well, to be strictly accurate, we are huddling in the car whilst thunder & lightning is booming & flashing whilst we wait for the meet to be officially cancelled...sigh... 
{I get points for double whilsting, right?}

Thing 2 is not happy.  He was scheduled to start his 4x8 right as the first thunder rumbled...sigh~*

On the plus side, I just downloaded instagram for droid {yay!} & have been having  smashing time playing with it...ah but as soon as it is cancelled we will be off for a pasta dinner to lift our bummed athlete's spirits.  Until tomorrow!


  1. Oh no, he can compete next time :)
    Just added your button on my blog!


  2. Wow, the sky certainly does look angry!

  3. Don't you hate it when the weather ruins your plans?
    I guess its better to have it cancelled since the clouds looked pretty vicious!

  4. "Whilsting" is quite the word! Haha. Hope your dinner was yummy, and your weekend is fabulous!

    1. I like to weave archaic words in when the need arises...or even if it doesn't arise...


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