Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tired Tuesday...

We had a minor catastrophe.  Our washing machine decided to retire early & in a very dramatic & disgruntled fashion that involved much spilled water & temporarily taking some of my vintage sheets hostage.

We have negotiated their release.

& we've ordered a new washer just so that the old washer doesn't think we really needed it...in the spirit of Beyonce's Irreplaceable...only with appliances instead of people...you just can't let the appliances think they've won or all hell will break loose.


We went to Lowes & ordered a sturdy looking washer to be delivered tomorrow, then went out to a local deli for dinner & now I'm fatigued~*

Tomorrow I will post the pics Thing 3 & I took while waiting for dinner & I'll post Tuesday's treasures on Wednesday...which will make it Wednesdays something-that-means-treasure-but-starts-with-'w'....


Until tomorrow~*