Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wishful Wednesday, Sunshine Edition~*

All my wishes came true today, &  I didn't even get the chance to wish them!

After a foggy, misty & moist morning, the sun broke out just as I wrapped up my last class for today- Woot!

Maxi Skirt & Turquoise Tank / Victoria's Secret ; Floral Thermal / Target ; Belt/Thrifted ; Sandals / I'm barefooted because the strap on my sandal broke! 

There are clouds on the horizon, but for now it is beautiful!  If that weren't enough, the part came for our broken washing machine & the hubs has fixed it & it is up & running yay!  It has only been a week & a half, but quite a bit of laundry has built up {sigh}.

Thing 3 took those stunning pics of a flowering vine we have {she was on a roll}.  So pretty.   I am hoping she will get more edited today so I can show you tomorrow!

Here's hoping all your wishes came true today!  I'm gonna go wash some towels~*