Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mid Week Adventures~*

The rainy, gray day prevented the Wednesday version of our farmer's market from being much...

But we ain't made a-sugar, so we won't melt~*

We took a wander through a previously unexplored graveyard {its all right people, we're historians}.  Found several of the hubby's boys {world war I}, but none of mine {american revolution}-- not surprising as my boys are scattered all over the area in little family plots {most of them died before big, formal cemeteries came to this area}.  We did find a fellow who was born in 1794, fought in the war of 1812 & lived through the Civil War-- he is in the first row of pics with his original headstone as well as a modern stone put in by the VA.

Took a lot of pictures {for some of the headstones, the only way to read what is left of the carvings is to manipulate them digitally}, and will be doing research on them tomorrow {and top of my list is to see what I can find about Martha Jane in that middle pic-- headstone was hand carved, so sweet}...yup, this is what historians do to entertain themselves.  I'll share any interesting findings {whether you are interested or not-- another thing historians do lol}
Then we headed for a stroll through our wee little downtown.  Like a lot of Main Streets, it took a major hit in the late 1970s/early 1980s, and it continues to struggle.  Fortunately, the college is opening up a satellite campus in the Spring of 2013 right in the middle of downtown, and we are sincerely hoping that it will stimulate the area {more downtown pics later btw}.  We stopped for lunch at a German place that has been around for a little while now and seems to be surviving.  Its good, hearty food {though it isn't entirely authentic or so says my husband, & he is the Germanist-- & he'd appreciate me pointing out he studies Germany from pre-World War I through the Wiemar Republic NOT the nazis--once people hear he studies Germany, they automatically assume he studies nazis...sigh...he actually studies Germany as an example of national identity, but now you are probably asleep with enthusiasm lol}.

And the day isn't over yet...