Monday, May 21, 2012

Portrait of a Monday Morning

The Things are at school & my hubs has two more weeks before his summer classes begin.  Today we are staying sweet

Quick breakfast of coffee & fruit & a sneakie brownie then m'dear put on the meatballs & marinara for a slow simmer until dinner.

I potted the herbs we bought Saturday, then used the label maker & clothespins to mark what is what.  Cross your fingers they survive the process~*

Whilst m'darling cut recipes out of magazines he has been hoarding, I folded laundry then contemplated our paint choices for the bedroom.

4 front runners have emerged...any preferences or advice?

And now back to laundry & dusting & housekeeping then an afternoon of compiling to do lists & wishlists & list lists.

Hope you are having a beautiful sunny sort of Monday!