Friday, May 18, 2012

Sunny Friday in the Garden~*

There is something invigorating about planting & coaxing things to grow, though I'm not very good at it.  
We picked up a flat of Scarlet Sage at the farmer's market last Wednesday, & this morning we went out & cleaned up our wee little garden {which is all that I can manage, & just barely that} & planted. 


Cecilia isn't much, but we love her. 
Besides, through Thing 3's lens even the weeds & random wildflowers look beautiful.

Yesterday we emptied then reorganized kitchen.  Its been a while, & it needed it desperately.  Its so lovely to be able to find things, you know?

After the Great Kitchen Cleanup, Thing 3 & squeezed in a bit of thrifting {ah clothes, how I love thee}.  The pieces will surely wind their way into outfit posts in the future.
& now to wash cars & clean up & run errands & generally enjoy the heck out of this beautiful day before the thunderstorms they've predicted move in.

Here's hugs & happy wishes for you & yours this fine Friday~*