Friday, May 18, 2012

Sunny Friday in the Garden~*

There is something invigorating about planting & coaxing things to grow, though I'm not very good at it.  
We picked up a flat of Scarlet Sage at the farmer's market last Wednesday, & this morning we went out & cleaned up our wee little garden {which is all that I can manage, & just barely that} & planted. 


Cecilia isn't much, but we love her. 
Besides, through Thing 3's lens even the weeds & random wildflowers look beautiful.

Yesterday we emptied then reorganized kitchen.  Its been a while, & it needed it desperately.  Its so lovely to be able to find things, you know?

After the Great Kitchen Cleanup, Thing 3 & squeezed in a bit of thrifting {ah clothes, how I love thee}.  The pieces will surely wind their way into outfit posts in the future.
& now to wash cars & clean up & run errands & generally enjoy the heck out of this beautiful day before the thunderstorms they've predicted move in.

Here's hugs & happy wishes for you & yours this fine Friday~*


  1. Ohhh, I'd really love a break from the rain so I could get in the garden. I'm off thrifting tomorrow, I can't wait! How did you line your photos up like that? They look fab.Rx

  2. Can't wait to see what you find on your thrift hunt! I'm pretty low tech as far as photography goes-- I load the pics onto a slide in PowerPoint, line them up the way I want them to look, shift-click all of 'em & hit copy, paste the whole lot as one picture, save it to my computer & upload it to the blog!
    I have been having fun dorking around with effects on this site:
    which has a feature that squares up your pics & a gazillion effects & frames that are fun to play around with.

  3. Lovely pics! Great that you are getting these "homecaring" things done. It gives you great satisfaction, doesn't it? Cecilia is charming, and I love the colourful dishes in your kitchen. Look forward to seeing the clothes! Joann

  4. pretty flowers! and I love getting the kitchen organized. but mine falls apart all too soon.

  5. The garden is looking good. I'm the worst at organizing... I can always think of something more fun to do and never get around to it :)


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