Wednesday, May 30, 2012

To Market, To Market Wednesday

Here are some pics from our morning adventures-- the local market it filling up, & so is our pantry {yay!}.

They are repainting the lines on our road which forced us to go slow, unroll the windows & take in the beautiful day~*

The market was bustling today-- Lots more vendors, though we were really early so not so many patrons {which meant the freshest veggies & fruits for us}

I guess all the room painting talk has left me in a green mood~*  The upper right pic is our little herb garden again...I use an old hotel silver one-serve teapot {which we collect} as a watering can...I am planning a post on our interesting dinnerware, maybe tomorrow?  We collect random china and silverware from old hotels {with some exceptions for particularly smashing patterns}.  Literally random.  Sounds weird, but it is fantastic & I adore it {& you will too when I get around to writing that post lol}

I can't wait to see what the big market on Saturday will have this week given all the additional vendors at Wednesday's mini-market.  On the schedule for this afternoon is a quickie-thrift stop with Thing 3 & a start to some DIYs that I'll be posting on in the days to come.  This is the Things last week at school, so next week the summer officially gets underway-- and that means room remodels & more adventures in thifting {& some purchases at this great junk shop with old office furniture which we've already spotted.}  This weekend my nephew graduates from high school, so family gathering photos & yummy cake a-coming!  Woot!