Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just Saying...

Yesterday we had a LOTR marathon.  Thing 2 has been playing a new game-- actually its a mod for his old game, but that is neither here nor there--  based on Tolkien's work, & it stirred a desire to revisit the series.   So we loaded them on Amazon & got to watching.  
Watching The Two Towers, I was struck anew with Sam's big speech {toward the end of the movie}.  I looked it up & was inspired to design one of my quote graphics.

It seems particularly striking given the ridiculous political climate we are currently experiencing in America.  One day I may go into a political & historical  monologue-- when the campaigning gets going, the spinners start spinning, the liars start lying & it all gets to be too much-- but it is not this day!  
Sorry, but couldn't resist the reference to another great speech from Return of the King.
Today is a day for inspiration-- for lemonade, & rainbows, & carefree afternoons...

All right, all right, the last one clearly went back to politics.  So sue me~*

Hands Entwined III,  Pablo Picasso