Monday, June 18, 2012

Poppy's Day

We had a Saturday Father's Day for the hubby-- after putting on his "world's best dad" tee gift from the Things, he played xbox literally all day {with the Things & I...well, I played Warcraft, but I was in the room to admire their skill as they played Kingdom for Keflings} & he was in a state of gloriously nerdy bliss.

On Sunday we headed up to my folks house in North Carolina with Things 2 & 3, who entertained themselves by photo bombing each other & generally being goofy {while the hubs &  I sang along with Billy Joel, of which there is mercifully no record}

My folks live on the edge of a golf course/ski resort {my Dad is a retired golf pro} in the middle of the woods, in another world.  Its so beautiful!

It is also currently for sale, if you are interested~*  They are looking to move closer to us {at present they are about an hour away} & into a more civilized section of the Appalachians.

Mom has the interior decorated for potential buyers-- it looks like it came straight out of a magazine,  just perfect.  She has a tremendous talent for interior design & predicting trends{& the most exemplary taste ever}.  There are tons of little details everywhere, but the overall look is very neutral & clean--

As I previously mentioned, Mom & Dad started collecting silver teapots {which I then blatantly copied} & Mom has quite the collection of miniature ones which she intends to use to decorate their Christmas tree next Christmas}
In addition to my door table, Dad also made a table for Mom, & that little end table pictured above & a bench for the table which wasn't photographed & a fantastic little sofa table that Mom decoupaged with maps which is also not photographed...sigh...& tons of other items

Is there anything better than fresh lemonade, I ask you?

Thing 3 was wielding the camera & fascinated by the little things, so unfortunately we don't have any 'big picture' pictures...but no fear, we are going back up on Thursday for a Pizza-Off between Thing 2 & Poppy, so more pics will follow {I am always inspired by what Ma is currently collecting/painting/designing/creating & no doubt you will be too}

But this is about Father's Day, so without further ado I present the man of the hour, the Pater Familias, the Thing's Poppy & my Dad:

There aren't enough words to describe my Dad.  Nope.  He is beyond description.  The Best?  The Greatest?  The Ultra Awesome-est? Definitely the Pater Familias, & the best Poppy ever.  I mean, seriously, you can tell by the way he displays his Iced Tea Maker that he could clearly get a job as a spokes-model if he were so inclined.  And the bow, he wears it with such grace~*  Obviously he is taciturn & reserved man who would never break into hysterical laughing fits about orange juice.  Sorry, inside joke.
Love you Daddy.
We had a wonderful dinner of BBQ chicken {with a homemade sauce that I will try and get him to do a tutorial for-- just scrumptious} corn-on-the-cob, Mom's famous potato salad {another tutorial?} & fresh watermelon {which we were too busy eating to photograph}. Then Rummikub & conversation & Lemonade Pie {another tutorial?  Whaddya say?}

As an aside, isn't the color of their picnic table to die for???  Mom painted it, its just stellar!  Anyway...
A smashing grand time was had by all-- & Thing 3 took some more of her photos of the garden {as if everything else weren't enough, Mom is a gifted gardener & her yard is wildly gorgeous}

I'll be posting more of her photos on her page once she finishes editing. We did not leave empty handed-- Mom generously gave me some cuttings off her ivy {which are currently on my kitchen ledge in cups of water waiting to grow roots} as well as some Japanese lanterns which I spent the morning replanting in our sad little attempt at a garden.  Cross your fingers!

How did you spend your Father's Day?


  1. Looks like a great day for everyone! I love all the glimpses of your parent's house.

    1. I'll get more when we go back Thursday-- it is so gorgeous!

  2. Rummikub!!!!!!!!!!!! {i just died}

    Clearly we are twins. =)

  3. Looks so fun and your parent's house seems really beautiful- I'm sure they're have no trouble selling it!

  4. Hi Tabetha! Your weekend looks so fun! Thanks for entering the giveaway! Just wanted to make sure that you leave your favorite item from Shabby Apple in order to make your entry valid, you can just reply to your previous comment with the link to your favorite Shabby Apple item. Thanks :)


  5. Hey Tabetha! Your family looks so sweet! Love the photos of your parents' place and the folks themselves. Glad you enjoyed the day. My husband is a teacher and he spent Father's Day marking papers. Two more weeks of school and then he is off for the summer.

  6. What a perfect weekend!! And I love the pictures, so beautiful!


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