Thursday, July 12, 2012


Our air conditioner has ceased to function as designed.  We've been relying on room fans & open windows since Tuesday night. I am oh so grateful that the temperature decided to dip & its been rainy & overcast.

My planned blog post is gonna go on hold for now.  I have to do some serious cleaning this morning because the air conditioner repairman is coming & I don't want him think we are slobs.  

When I was a kid, my folks contracted a cleaning service to come to the house {once a month, I think...or was it once a week?  It was only for a little while, for reasons that shall become obvious in a tic}.  The day before the cleaning person was to come my Mom would whirl through the house scrubbing it top to bottom.  She didn't want the cleaning service to think we were messy.  
It must have been the greatest gig for the company-- getting paid for cleaning a clean house.  Its not like they charged any less. 


Though I know it is ridiculous, I can't avoid feeling that if the house is clean when the repairman arrives somehow it will save us money.  Like he'll say "My, these people are so clean & lovely.  I shall repair the air conditioning for free to reward them for tidiness!"
It could happen.  Right.  Fingers crossed. LOL

The front door just screams "please don't charge us much," right?

Good, cool, air conditioner friendly vibes would be appreciated~*