Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rainy Day Ramblings

It is absolutely pouring outside, which has put me in a lazy frame of mind. Thunder booming & rain on the tin roof & its all I can do not to go take an undeserved nap.  I doubt much will get done today on my part.  Ah well, there is always tomorrow.  Thank god its summertime, eh? 

I spent most of the morning huddled over my computer in the silence & dark, reading blogs & trying to comfort a chihuahua mutt who hates the rain.  The kids are in school & the hubs is teaching til noon & the house is mine.  Well, its mine & the cats & the Poosh & the three other wet dogs I had to let in out of pity.  Between the heat & now the rain, the pups have spent more inside than out this summer.

Today is the 3rd day of our diet.  Sunday was fruit, Monday was vegetable & today is both.  Last night was a bit of a crisis point.  My husband teaches an evening class Mondays & Wednesdays, & had gotten in the habit of stopping for fast food on the way home.  And he usually brought me fries.  I had half hoped he would break the diet, & he almost had. I'm a sucker for fries, & he's a sucker for burgers, & we missed them a lot & mourned a bit before bed.

This diet isn't strictly a vanity project, though both the hubs & I do want to lose a little weight.  We wanted to shock our systems a bit-- to start thinking about food in another way.  We had been eating easy, what was quick, what was handy.  We were eating out too much.  We sort of lost touch with nutrition, if you know what I mean {and if you do, congratulations, seeing as I don't know exactly what I mean half the time}.  Not to sound too terribly cliche, but we wanted to reboot our attitude toward food.  And its working.

It is truly amazing how many fruits and vegetables there are.  I know that sounds silly, but bear me out.  I adore vegetables but am not as fond of fruit as I ought to be.  Whenever I think of fruit, I think of apples, bananas & oranges, but when I think of vegetables the list is endless.  My husband is the same way in the opposite direction-- he adores fruit but his vegetable go the succotash route {green beans, corn & carrots}.
The diet has enlightened us both-- reminded us of the wide varieties available & all the food options that come with them.
Like pluots.  What a delicious wonder.

Its still raining.

When I went out to take pictures of the rain {which is remarkably difficult to do, incidentally} I met an unexpected visitor hoping across the driveway.

We found two wee little froggies the other day when watering the front garden, whom we named Mumford & Son.  But this fellow was huge, as big as my fist, and completely unconcerned with the rain, or the fool standing in it trying to snap his portrait.  He took his own sweet time, stopping, hopping, languidly crossing the drive.

The white line on the asphalt was from one of  my craft projects that I painted & missed in the driveway.  I think it confused him a bit.  He hoped his way too it in slow motion, stopped, turned this way then that.  Maybe he was waiting for the starter's gun.  Finally he passed through the puddle, circumventing the line all together.

I wish Thing 3 was home.  She would have done a much better job photographing him & he deserved it a bit of photographic panache.  He was lovely & bumpy & a beautiful red {& made me oh so glad both of our cats were inside}.  Eventually he passed in to the grass that desperately needs mowing & was gone.

I'll show the pictures to the Things when they get home & then we'll give him a name.

And still it rains.

I should do laundry.

But no, not yet.  When the rain passes.  There is still time.  That's what summer is for~*


  1. I secretly love rainy days because it gives me an excuse to be a little lazy. We have a perfect summer day here though and that's kind of great too! I'm impressed with your diet- I can't diet at all but I do eat thoughtfully. A couple of years ago I was only eating local and seasonal and it was really tough but I got so used to it. Now I have a kid and I just can't deny him bananas so I still try but not at all strict about it.

    Good luck!

    1. We've been trying to eat local lately too, but the variety is incredibly limited up here {though it is improving as small tobacco farmers shift over to edible crops}-- & of course you can't deny him bananas lol they were Thing 3's favorite!

  2. How can you adore veggies more than fruit! So delicious!!! But you're lucky, veggies have less sugar. I eat fruit like it's my job.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Can't wait to see you back :)


  3. I kind of love rainy days, they're a great way to curl up with a good book.

  4. fruit and veggies both health and delicious :D,and when its comes to rainy days,i usually spendmy time with drawing.
    nice blog and would you mind to follow each other?



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