Friday, July 13, 2012

Welcome to Noney & Poppy's House

When Thing 1 was born there was a family discussion on what my parents would be called by the grandchildren.  Grandma & grandpa were definitely out-- my grandparents, god love 'em, were old.  Not old age wise, necessarily, but...well...old at heart.  My parents most decidedly are not old-- they weren't old when the first grandchild was born & they aren't old now {though they like to complain they are}.  
It was decided that my dad would be Poppa & my mom would be Nana.  
Then Thing 1 started talking & quickly renamed them Poppy & Nina, & thus it was so {I guess she didn't get the memo from the family meeting}.

And in due time {3 years and 7 months } along came Thing 2.

Thing 2 was a very eager, helpful little boy.  He ran everywhere.  He jumped around.  He laughed like a lunatic.  He would turn things on for you.  Like the stove.  Even if you didn't want him to.  It was great.  
Fortunately we lived with my parents for a time at the peak of his two year old hyperactivity, so there were many eyes to watch him.  
And Nina would always be there with a "no, no honey" & a gentle hand on his guiding him away from the trash compactor, or railing, or coffee pot, or whatever.
Thing 2, taking his cue from her, started calling her honey too.
As in "yes, yes honey" as he tried to climb in the fireplace, or ride the stair rails, or walk into the lake, or whatever.
Hearing his big sis calling her Nina confused him, so honey morphed in to Noney-- the combination of Nina and Honey.  And now it fluctuates between Nina & Noney {though Poppy has always been & will always be Poppy}.

And this is, at long last, their house tour.

Noney is a wonderful decorator, as well as seamstress & all around crafty person.  Poppy makes wonderful furniture from salvaged wood, as well as other crafty goodies.  They are quite the pair.

Every time we visit, something is different.  Noney is always moving things around, or painting, or sewing new curtains.  Poppy is always working on something in his workshop in the garage.  Since the house is on the market, they are keeping it least for this week...I can't count the number of colors the various walls in the house have been over the years-- though right now, they are all a neutral beige color.

To conceal some imperfections on this little wall, Nonney asked me to paint a faux brick to match the large fireplace {which came out rather nicely if I do say so myself}-- it goes around the wall into Poppy's office.

I can't remember the name of the artist who did these pieces, but I can find out!  Thye collect a lot of lithographs & oils {a hobby which started back in California with the artist Bill Dodge's work, and has since incorporated pieces from artists across the country}.

Poppy made the table, then Noney decoupaged it with maps of California {where we hail from}.  The boxes, also wrapped in maps, have little toy cars glued to the bottom as wheels, and the platter, which was plain,  has also been "mapped."

Poppy's office-- the chair was purchased at the same used office furniture place we visited for Thing 2's dresser {& I am so jealous they found it first lol}.

Poppy took these photos, which they then had put on canvas: the top is Nonney & their dog Jack in the snow, the bottom is from their trip to Scotland {it hangs above Poppy's desk}.   

Poppy made the door table {as well as the one in my house} & the bench for the table from salvaged wood.  They painted the kitchen cupboards, changed the handles & removed some of the doors.  It looks straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog in person {the photos just don't do it justice}

Nonney made the neat mirror from 3 door mirrors laid horizontally, then Poppy framed them in.  She also made all the curtains, duvets & pillows for all the beds, as well as painting the cupboards.  She gets around.

The patchwork quilt was purchased, but everything else is homemade.

Thing 2 & the view in the rain from their front porch

The little end table is another Poppy original piece.  Noney is also a fantastic gardener {which is obviously not a trait I inherited, more's the bummer} & there are hanging baskets & flower pots all along the deck.
I really can't tell you how fantastic the place is.  The photos do not do it justice. So frustrating.

As I mentioned earlier, they are currently trying to sell their house so they can move closer.  I used their listing flier for some of the bedroom pictures {the ones I took did not come out}.  I also asked Ma to take a few & email 'em to me-- if she does, I'll post them in a follow up later.  Though I'm starting to think that like most magical things, the house doesn't like being photographed.  Sigh.

So, you know, if you or someone you love is interested in owning a house in the Appalachian mountains on a golf & ski resort, just let me know-- it comes partially furnished!


  1. What a great house! We are still stumbling through the grandma and grandpa thing- it seems to be a tough title for some :)

    1. Little Smith will come up with something, whatever you intend lol!

  2. A very sweet home with lots of personal, creative touches! Your faux brick is perfect!

  3. Just thought I'd let you know that your blog is absolutely adorable! :) and that daisy picture is sooo pretty!

    1. Thanks so much-- The daisy photo is my daughter's handiwork! She is a budding photographer~*

  4. It does seem that the children end up deciding what to call their grandparents, doesn't it?

    Your parents are wonderfully creative. I enjoyed the pics of their lovely home.

  5. What a charming home! I have to say, I LOVE the brick detail you painted on the wall. Seriously looks fabulous, and ads a cozy touch to the space. :)

    - Sasha


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